Planting Prairies

High-Diversity, Local-Ecotype

Prairie restoration is important to the mission of Prairie Plains. We focus on creating diverse native plant communities, harvesting seed from over 225 species (high-diversity) that get incorporated into site-specific restoration mixes. Seed is harvested from wild plant populations in central and eastern Nebraska - typically within a 100-mile radius of planting locations (local-ecotype).

High-diversity seed mixes have the potential to develop diverse, native vegetation that more closely resembles remnant prairie and wet meadow habitats. These diverse plant communities are often found to be more resilient, as they are better suited to withstand stochastic events such as drought and flooding, improving the likelihood of restoration success. Locally harvested seed provides genetic ecotypes that are likely well-adapted to planting locales. We also take special care to plant site-appropriate mixes by mapping soil types and hydrology across a planting area.

Restorations that develop species-rich plant communities support a wider diversity of insects and other wildlife. In addition, prairie restorations surrounding remnant sites have the ability to protect native plant species richness within remnants by providing a buffer from invasion of non-native plants from the surrounding landscape.

We're proud of the positive impact we've had on native plant and wildlife communities, soil health, water quality, carbon sequestration, rangeland productivity and in creating spaces for people to enjoy and learn about Nebraska ecosystems. Our careful attention to seed source and diversity has created a premium product with outstanding results.

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Prairie Seedling Enhancement

Prairie seedling plugs are also available from our greenhouse for pollinator gardens or to enhance existing prairies or restorations. Call us at 402-694-5535 for a species list, pricing and availability.