Planting Prairies

Do you have a parcel of land that you'd like to have restored to high-diversity, local ecotype prairie?

Considered pioneers in the field of Nebraska prairie restoration, Prairie Plains has been planting high-diversity, local ecotype prairies since 1980! Parcels large and small restored to prairie provide many benefits, including increased rangeland productivity, pollinator habitat, water quality, biodiversity and educational/recreational space.

Although various seed sources and planting services are available in eastern Nebraska, we are skeptical of approaches attempting to micromanage for specific, narrow wildlife interests. We are also skeptical of the long-term viability of many seed mixes of grasses and wildflowers, which contain species out of their original range or are of unknown genetic origins. Native seed grown for commercial sale may also be grown in different regions around the world and could contain invasive plant seed.

Fundamentals create dynamic prairies

Prairie Plains stands by basic ecological fundamentals: creating diverse plant communities with many species, using local genetic ecotypes adapted to the planting locale. In short, we believe that careful attention to seed source, soil type and site hydrology results in resilient and dynamic prairies.

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Prairie seedling plugs are also available from our greenhouse for pollinator gardens or to enhance existing prairies or restorations. Email for a species list, pricing and availability.