About Us

Prairie Plains Resource Institute is a non-profit membership organization, dedicated to connecting people and prairies.

Founded in 1980 in Aurora, Nebraska, we preserve, maintain and restore native prairies and wetlands, and use these conservation sites for community education, recreation and sustainable economic development.

Prairie Plains has pioneered grassland management and educational activities on our network of eight native prairie preserves. We began by harvesting seeds from local wild populations and planting small plots. Those initial activities grew in the 1990s to include the development of large high-diversity wetland and prairie planting efforts of more than 500 acres per year.

Prairie Plains has a calendar full of events that allow people to build lasting relationships with the land and with each other. As an educational land trust, our goal is to relate all aspects of our program to education and service to people.

These activities are carried out by a dedicated staff of four and numerous volunteers, all under the guidance of our board of directors.