AMY JONES, Executive Director

Amy has a B.S. in business administration from Peru State College and came to Prairie Plains in 2004. Originally hired as the office manager, her willingness to collect seed, fix fence and help with SOAR allowed her to learn all aspects of the Prairie Plains experience (and get out of the office sometimes!) An ingrained respect for the history of the organization and a passion for connecting people with the prairie provide Amy a powerful incentive for leading the organization forward.

Mike Bullerman, Restoration Ecologist & GIS Specialist

Mike joined the Prairie Plains staff in 2000, armed with a B.S. in wildlife ecology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, to manage our prairie restoration program. He also has solid GIS (Geographic Information System) skills, which he uses for the benefit of the institute and our agency and landowner partners.

Sarah Bailey, conservation & education director

Sarah came to Prairie Plains in 2010 as an intern responsible for managing the new greenhouse and learning everything possible about the restoration program. As fate would have it, she had the perfect mix of energy and knowledge, and we begged her to stay as a full-time employee. Sarah holds a B.S. in biological sciences from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is a natural outdoor educator and is always looking for ways to improve our prairie preserves.

Jeff Gustafson, Land Steward

Jeff was hired in 2011 to serve as Land Steward and to help out with the restoration program. He holds a B.A. in history from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and has special interest in local history and the community development aspects of our mission. His job includes prescribed burning, grazing management and tree clearing.