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Future Plans

PPRI’s plans for the future build on what we have always done - community based conservation and education. We are experienced in developing working groups and partnerships with other organizations, but we also believe strongly that a fundamental one-on-one approach to working with people is critical. Satisfaction is derived from deliberate progress towards our goals and making friends along the way. That takes time.

Beginning in 2004 PPRI began a concerted effort to involve more people in all of its activities. This means more visitors to our beautiful properties, more educational events and seminars and more volunteer opportunities. Along these lines we drafted a 5-year strategic plan outlining the steps necessary to achieve our goals. The centerpiece of this plan is our new education center, on which we began construction in 2006. Please look at the strategic plan and help us reach its goals by becoming a member! Remember, like all plans some things happen quickly, others more slowly and in a few cases not at all. The main point is that we won't change the essence of what we have done for more than 30 years - only now we'll involve more people and offer more opportunities for participation and learning.

Download a PDF version of the 2010 Strategic Plan

Download a PDF version of the 2004 Strategic Plan

As the Charles L. Whitney Education Center takes shape our planning efforts include specific programming at the Center.  The building will allow us to involve more people of all ages in the mission of the Institute, creating opportunities for all types of learning.  

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